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About Us

Finmaze is a financial software development company.

We have two flagship products below

  • Finmaze loan management system.
  • Finmaze school management system.


Scalable financial solutions for businesses.

Finmaze Loan management system

Finmaze LMS is a comprehensive loan management ERP which covers all the microfinance needs of small to large institutions. Below are some of the key modules.
Client KYC Management.
Deposit Account Management
Managing Loans
Integrations to third parties - SSB, Banks, Mobile money etc
Teller Functions
User administration
API module
Flexible deployment- Own premises/Cloud
Reporting - Customer statement

Disbursement Report
Early Maturity Report
Account/Ledger Lookup
Loan Book
Closing Balances Report
Arrears Report
Repayments Report
Custom designed reports

Finmaze school management system

Finmaze School management is a complete school management system with sleek payment features
Student can view Timetable
Student can view Attendance
Student can view Assignment
Student can view Fee Status
Teacher can view class subjects
Teacher can view Timetable
Teacher can mark Attendance
Teacher can view Fee Status
Parent can view school Teachers profile
Parent can view their children Timetable
Parent can view their children Attendance
Parent can view their children Fee Status
Principal can view all Users profile
Principal can view all Academic activities
Principal can view all Finance activities
Principal can view all Exam activities
Finance Admin can view all students
Finance Admin can view all teachers
Finance Admin can do all Finance activities
Finance Admin can view all Finance reports
Administrator has almost full control of system
Administrator can view and update all school activities
Super Administrator has multiple campus access
Super Administrator can manage roles permission

Why choose us?

Software designed specifically for businesses in your operating environment.


Finmaze products covers all standard business cases and process flows for large institutions.


We have flexible pricing models which reduces your CAPEX.

Continuous innovation

Finmaze products are continuously evolving to incorporate the latest technological developments.



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We offer free proof of value implementations. We do so because we are confident of the value we bring to the table.

We also offer other supporting services such as Omnichannel contact center

We offer services that allows our clients to interact with their customers on many channels using a single intergrated platform. Some of the popular channels are Voice (Inbound and outbound), IVR system, Call recordings, SMS, email, Fax, Social media ( WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram).

Work on the Go

Our platforms can be accessed from anywhere in the world and allows working from home.

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